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The Erskine Lakes Fire Company has provided the Borough of Ringwood with excellent fire service for over 67 years.  

The Company came to existence in 1946 when a group of men formulated the idea that the picturesque area that is Ringwood, needed a Volunteer Fire Company to protect from Forest fires as well as the homes beginning to populate the area of Erskine Lakes. After many months of comprehensive research and assistance for local fire departments surrounding Erskine Lakes, the first organized meeting was conducted on July 30, 1946 at the Old Hilltop Clubhouse with seventeen men in attendance. Shortly after this, work was initiated to equip the company with a fire truck.

In May of 1947, the men of the Erskine Lakes Fire Company purchased and received a 1934 Ahrens-Fox 500 GPM Pumper from the Pearl River, NY Fire Department. This fire truck was temporarily housed in a garage at Cupsaw Avenue and Delaware Trail until 1948 when a Firehouse was built on property donated to the Erskine Lakes Fire Company, which is where our Firehouse still stands today. Shortly after this, a second fire truck, a 1936 American LaFrance 500 GPM Pumper was purchased from Bound Brook, NJ Fire Department.

The Firehouse located at 70 Mohawk Trail was dedicated at a corner stone ceremony on July 3, 1949. The Fire Company quickly grew in size and was ready to “incorporate”. Mr. Spencer H. Dixon drew up and filed the incorporation papers on December 4 1946 for “Erskine Lakes Volunteer Fire Company #1 Inc. of Ringwood Borough, County of Passaic, New Jersey”.

The first new Engine, a 1953 GMC 500 GPM was purchased by the Erskine Lakes Fire Company and the American LaFrance was sold. Increase demands for fire protection led to the purchase of another new fire truck on November 11, 1957. This apparatus, an Oren 500 GPM Pumper with a 600 gallon booster tank replaced the Ahrens-Fox. As the Erskine Lakes community grew, so did the Fire Company.

On April 24, 1962 the Pittsburgh-Pacific Company of Ringwood passed the title on a 1941 Ford Tank Truck which was reconditioned by the firemen and put into service to carry water.

On June 13, 1962, ground was broken for the new addition to the lower bay. Again the Firefighter worked hard to build their own firehouse and the generosity of the Residents provided the needed funds. The two-story addition would house two additional trucks and a meeting hall.

Engine 4, a 1946 Ford with a 500 gallon tank, was purchased from the Lincoln Park Fire Department on December 31, 1964. This emergency truck was rebuilt, equipped with flood lights and rescue equipment, and painted white.

In 1967, the water tank truck was replaced by a new 1,000 GPM Ward-LaFrance Tandem Pumper that carried 1,000 gallons of water was purchased and delivered in April 1970.

The next apparatus purchase came in 1988 when the Erskine Lakes Fire Company received a 1988 500-Gallon Pierce Lance Engine, which currently still serves the community as Engine 243.

Then in 1999, the Company received a 1999 500-gallon Pierce Dash Engine, currently serving as Engine 241, as well as building plans to add an apparatus bay with the pending possibility of a ladder truck being added to the Fire Company.

In 2004, with the building of the new bay completed, the Erskine Lakes Fire Company received and placed into service a 2005 Pierce Saber, which serves as Heavy Rescue 242.

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